Helping Students Grapple with Anxiety

Helping Students Grapple with Anxiety

A few interesting tips from clinical psychologist Dr. Chris Thurber:

Students will be grappling with anxiety, due to fear of the unknown during this time...what can you do?

  • Name the feeling for the child, normalize their anxiety

  • Provide empathy

  • Help the child to try to keep a positive outlook. Give them sentence starters such as, ‘Let’s take this time as an opportunity to…’ ‘What is something good that has come out of these changes?’

  • Remind children that life will go on although, it will be naturally modified

  • Help children to understand the difference between what can be controlled and what cannot; put the bulk of our efforts on those things we can control

  • Limit media exposure

  • Finally, provide a schedule for children as they are learning from home. They will need predictability and structure, which are psychologically grounding.

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