Reminder: RCDS is a "Nut Aware" School

Reminder: RCDS is a "Nut Aware" School

This notice serves as a gentle reminder that RCDS is a "Nut Aware" school. That means, that our Faculty, Staff, and Parents have accepted the responsibility to make ourselves as aware, and educated as possible in providing nut-free foods.

This applies to any and all foods or snacks that are brought into our school for class parties, class trips, as well as after school sports, remain nut-free. That includes labels that state, "may have nut cross contamination" or "made in a facility that processes nuts" (please read all labels) whenever possible.

One of the most common foods brought into school parties that are continually being sent back home is Dunkin Donuts. DUNKIN DONUT PRODUCTS ARE NOT ALLOWED at any RCDS function. Dunkin Donuts Corporate website very clearly states that ANY of their products may contain peanuts, so RCDS will not allow them to be brought into school. In addition, M&M's are not allowed as toppings or treats as they are made in a facility that could have cross contamination.

As product labels change from time to time it is best to read all bakery labels as well as all packaged goods.

Here are some of the most recent party food suggestions I have been made aware of:

• The Whole Foods store has a nut-free section of food items such as "Cherry Brook Farms" and "Kinnikinnick Foods" which are free of the 8 common food allergens.

•"School Safe" food products are sold locally and come packaged and are nut and dairy-free.

• "Oberlander" also is sold locally and has packaged food items made in a "nut-free" facility.

•Trader Joe's makes a "Snickerdoodle" cookie that is also free of the 8 common allergens.

Additionally, there are several local bakeries that will provide baked goods that are free of the 8 common food allergies and am happy to refer you to them as needed.

Thank you!

Nurse Kerr