Phi Beta Kappa Alumni

Wall of photos of alumni who have been inducted to Phi Beta Kappa.

Phi Beta Kappa is the country’s oldest and most widely known academic honor society. Founded in 1776, the Phi Beta Kappa Society celebrates and advocates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and each year, only one college senior in a hundred, nationwide, is invited to join. RCDS Alumni have been far more successful than this 1% award average. To date, RCDS knows of 60 who have been selected for membership and we suspect that there may be others.

Phi Beta Kappa Day is just one of the ways RCDS celebrates high academic achievement. Every year that an RCDS alumnus/a is named to PBK, the school takes a holiday on the Tuesday after Presidents’ Day to commemorate his or her achievement. If there is more than one honoree in a single year, RCDS saves them for future years’ celebrations.

Below is our current list of Phi Beta Kappa honorees. If you know of any other alumni who are members of the Phi Beta Kappa Society please contact Cheryl Podmajersky at or at 732-842-0527 ext. 1142.

Henry E. BUTLER ‘30
James F. JOHNSON III '31
Martha Lee GETTY Wallender ‘35
Cara L. HAYES Miller ‘42
AnnMarie HAUCK Walsh ‘52
Jonathan D. BLAKE ‘52
Gretchen SMITH Truslow ‘53
Franklin C. NEVIUS ‘60
Charles D. DALY ‘61
Elizabeth HARVEY Adams ‘65
Jean SINNOTT Drew ‘66
Mary P. METCALF Deault ‘66
Laurie F. ELLIS Bruckmann ‘67
Robert P. LATTA ‘68
Ann HALSEY Davis ‘68
Brooks BANKER, Jr. ‘69
Vicki A. BARKER ‘69
John F. CONNOLLY ‘72
Martha M. BRYAN ‘74
Emmanuel G. COLLINS, Jr. '74
Daniel E. KREMENS '77
Steven M. NOCKA '77

Catherine STANGER ‘77
Caroline A. RIKER ‘80
Jordan M. ASH ‘82
James A. LIEBERMAN ‘83
Kathryn M. AMBROSE Hingle ‘84
Christopher BRENNAN ‘84
Christina E. BLACK ‘85
Kristi E. JACOBSON ‘86
Christopher J. PERRY '86
Jennifer B. SCHARER ‘86
Bryan J. STONE `86
Scott A. SCHARER ‘88
Jennifer L. SAFFER ‘88
Eric J. COSTANZO ‘89
Arin A. PRISAND ‘90
Elizabeth J. SHAHEEN ‘90
Jonathan E. DENNIS '91
Mary Jane V. RUBENSTEIN ‘92
James R. HINDERKS ‘92
Kevin S. MISSETT ‘92
Stefan S. KACHALA ‘94

Christopher F. GARSIDE ‘95
Caroline M. SAFFER ‘95
Ashley A. LYLE ‘95
Steven C. BROUSELL ‘97
Nathaniel B. SMALL ‘97
Matthew J. HADDAD ‘97
Amanda M. HADDAD ‘99
Stacylyn M. DEWEY ‘99
Sydney B. ROTH `02
Alexis R. HITCHNER ‘03
Max B. ROSS ‘03
Sara BELLIN `04
Chelsea COOPER '04
Alexis HARRISON '04
Alexander HOVNANIAN '04
Anna Rose JOHNSON `04
Elizabeth FUERBACHER '04
Charlotte FLEMING '07
Cionna ROSENTHAL '09
Samantha GOLDBERG `10
Alexandra Anne SIWULEC ’11
Caitlin Pope LUBY ’12
Kathryn Anne CLARK ’12
Claire CAROLI '13