Parent Participation 20-21

THANK YOU for your generous support of Annual Giving for the 20-21 school year. Your support ensures that we can be resilient, that our academics remain rigorous, that we can hire and retain top faculty, and that we continue to adhere to our four pillars — Kind, Honest, Responsible, Respectful — in all that we do.

Brownstone Benefactors
(Gifts of $20,000 or more)

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Chin
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Gmelich
Mr. Carl Reiss '83 and Mrs. Anne Reiss
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Rubin
Anonymous (1)

Founders' Circle
(Gifts of $10,000-$19,999)

Caitlin and Robert Bovo
Jeff and Stephanie Cady
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Caulfield
Mr. Colin Day and Ms. Heather Burke
John '83 and Elizabeth Devlin 
Shaun and Tara Fallon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laub
Mr. Robert C. Lawrence IV '81 and Mrs. Gerri Gussin Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. James Masserio
 Mr. Thomas F. Mullins IV and Jennifer Hurtt Mullins '85
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Page
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Purcell
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rodrigues
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith
Mr. Jesse Spector '95 and Mrs. Maryam Spector
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Trudel
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Whitenack
Anonymous (1)

Green and White Society
(Gifts of $5,000-$9,999)

James and Lisa Barry
Steve and Lisa Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Buchner
Augie and Lauren Carton
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Criscola
The D'Orazio Family
The DeMino Family
Mr. Dennis Scannell Devine '90 and Mrs. Sarah Devine' 89 
Mr. and Mrs. 
Chris and Kathleen Downie 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Eby
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Eckert
Lee and Tricia Frankenfield
Mr. and Mrs. William Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Jones
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ryan Kelly
Mr. Kenny King and Mrs. Nora King '94
The Leibee Family
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Maroney
Peter and Meghann Marturano
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Melconian
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Menkowitz, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Ty Olson
Mrs. Stacy O'Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Popham
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Paulus
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Raphalian
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Remey
Mr. and Mrs. David Reni
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rodrigues
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan
The Traina Family
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wetmore
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Woodham
Anonymous (1)

Gator Pride
(Gifts of $2,500-$4,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alpert
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Baret
Bilanin Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bray
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Cohen
David and Jamie Druckman
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Finnegan
Mr. Nicholas Gulden '89 and Mrs. Emily Gulden
Mr. Peter S. Izzo '90 and Ms. Marian Lapide
Timothy and Eileen Leahy
Mr. Dave Lesser and Dr. Jenna Levy
Mr. and Mrs. David Long
Kelli and David O'Brien
Marta Young and Kevin O'Conner
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pepe
Mr. Cliff Stieglitz and Ms. Ahn Pham
Mr. Christopher Torcivia '99 and Mrs. Brianna Torcivia
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Travalja
Laura and Chris Twomey
Anonymous (2)

1926 Club
(Gifts of $1,926-$2,499)

Mr and Mrs. Jordan Bazant
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett Bruhn
Douglas DePietro and Ardith Lindsey 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dohrenwend
Anthony and Michelle Faustini
Denise Leonhard & Jeff Friedman
The Klein Family
Douglas and Beth Moini
Mr. Richard O'Day
Drs. Vlady and Liya Ostrow
Mr. Carson T. Smith and Ms. Amy Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Stolte
Anonymous (4)

(Gifts up to $1,925)

The Bertz Family
P. Douglas and Kelly Bird
Lauren and Santiago Borja
Ms. Kelly Brier
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cerussi
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Cohen
Mr. Eugene F. Croddick II '93 and Mrs. Nicole Croddick
Mr. Nicholas Crowell and Mrs. Jennifer Steiner Crowell '88
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Diehl
Mr. Edgar R. Farrington, Jr. '81 and Mrs. Catherine Farrington
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Glazman
Mr. and Mrs. Marius Gudelis
Dr. Nancy Holodak
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Jones
Ms. Kathleen Kamatani
Mr. and Mrs. David Kreizer
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Levine
Drs. Federigo and Suzanne Magherini
The Mason Family
Ms. Casey McChesney
Mr. and Mrs. Rich McHugh
Mr. Daniel Metz '97 and Mrs. Bethanie Metz
Dr. Tom Metzger and Dr. Jamie E. Chaft
Mr. Douglas Mishkin
Mr. and Mrs. David Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mullen
Rob and Peggy Nicolosi
Mr. Blake Nucci and Ms. Chelsea Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Adam O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Petersen
Mr. Geoffrey Ray and Ms. Missy Falkenberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romanowski
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. John Santulli
Mr. Scott Schwadron and Mrs. Sara Hylan
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Senft
Mr. Alan Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tilmont
Mr. Christopher Toolan '89 and Mrs. Elizabeth Toolan
Mr. David Turkaly and Mrs. Megan Gula
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walker
Gedney and Nikki Webb 
Mr. Greg Weiss 
Mr. Mark Wrigley
Anonymous (34)