Parent Participation 20-21

THANK YOU for your generous support of Annual Giving for the 20-21 school year. Your support ensures that we can be resilient, that our academics remain rigorous, that we can hire and retain top faculty, and that we continue to adhere to our four pillars — Kind, Honest, Responsible, Respectful — in all that we do.

Brownstone Benefactors
(Gifts of $20,000 or more)

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Rubin

Founders' Circle
(Gifts of $10,000-$19,999)

Caitlin and Robert Bovo
Jeff and Stephanie Cady
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laub
Mr. Robert C. Lawrence IV '81 and Mrs. Gerri  Gussin Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. James Masserio
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Page
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Purcell
Mr. Jesse Spector '95 and Mrs. Maryam Spector
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Whitenack

Green and White Society
(Gifts of $5,000-$9,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Clarke
The DeMino Family
Mr. Dennis Scannell Devine '90 and Mrs. Sarah Devine' 89 
Chris and Kathleen Downie 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Eby
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Eckert
Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Jones
Mr. Kenny King and Mrs. Nora King '94
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Menkowitz, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Popham
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Raphalian
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wetmore
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Woodham

Gator Pride
(Gifts of $2,500-$4,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alpert
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Baret
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Frankenfield

1926 Club
(Gifts of $1,926-$2,499)

Anthony and Michelle Faustini
Mr. Richard O'Day
Mr. Carson T. Smith and Ms. Amy Howell

(Gifts up to $1,925)

The Bertz Family
Ms. Kelly Brier
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jones
Ms. Casey McChesney
Mr. Daniel Metz '97 and Mrs. Bethanie Metz
Mr. Geoffrey Ray and Ms. Missy Falkenberg 
Mr. and Mrs. Adam O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romanowski
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Senft
Mr. Christopher Toolan '89 and Mrs. Elizabeth Toolan
Mr. Alan Shapiro 
Mr. Greg Weiss