Plant a Seed, Grow a Legacy
Beginners Teacher Mrs. Ginger Kolb is a gardener, both literally and metaphorically. She has nurtured the minds of every child she's encountered during her 45 years at RCDS, empowering them to grow and flourish just like her plants in the School garden. As we celebrate her retirement, we recognize the incredible dedication and spirit that Mrs. Kolb has given to the RCDS community. We welcome you to join us in honoring Mrs. Kolb and her lasting legacy as we wish her all the best in her retirement!

Share a Personal Message and Photo
This spring we will be presenting Mrs. Kolb with a memory book of photos and messages from her RCDS family. Submissions will be featured online AND included in a hardcover book that will be presented to her at the 2021 Commencement Ceremony. (The deadline to submit a message to the memory book has now passed.)

Make a Gift to RCDS in Honor of Mrs. Kolb
Thank Mrs. Kolb for her dedication and service to our school by making a gift in her honor.

A Word from RCDS Beginners in Honor of Mrs. Ginger Kolb

"Congratulations Mrs. Kolb!"

- Your RCDS Beginners

A Word from Tom Scott in Honor of Mrs. Ginger Kolb

"Thank you for all the friendship, being a wonderful colleague, inspiring me, wanting me to be better at what I do every day because I watch you and what you do. And I just wish you all the very best...Enjoy yourself in every way that you can. You have certainly earned it!"

- Tom Scott
RCDS Faculty Member

A Word from Annabelle Long '21 in Honor of Mrs. Ginger Kolb

"What I would really like to say to Mrs. Kolb before she retires is that I hope she has a very nice retirement because she's been working with Beginners for 45 years so it should be nice to get some quiet. Also I'd like to say how she impacted all of her students and how she did such a great job and I'm so happy she stayed this long and for my Beginners year because I don't think I would be the same person without her."

- Annabelle Long '21
RCDS Lifer

A Word from Jesse Spector '95 in of Honor Mrs. Ginger Kolb

"RCDS has always been this nurturing environment that for me personally gave me a sense of belonging. It really is a wonderful place to learn and grow up. How do we create that environment? What are the elements of that? It's our faculty, it's our staff, it's our history, it's our campus, it's our academic programs, our sports. It's everything we all know. But to me, Mrs. Kolb just embodies that spirit. So much so that now, 35 years later after I've finished Beginners, whenever I see her – even in this sort of strange year where we're all wearing masks – I can just feel that spirit. I can see her smile and joy under that mask. I just hope that she sees me smiling and feels my joy because of how much I appreciate her for everything she's done for RCDS."

- Jesse Spector '95
RCDS Alumnus and Current Parent