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RCDS plates.


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"The RCDS dining experience makes you feel like part of a family."

– Lily McDonagh, RCDS Class of 2018


Girl student smiles while holding lunch tray.
A mix of students from different grades sitting at a lunch table with a teacher to share a family-style meal.

The RCDS Family-Style Dining Experience
RCDS keeps a number of long-held traditions sacred. One of the most memorable takes place every school day in the historic Chad Small Family Dining Room. At RCDS, no one eats alone. Students always have a place where they belong at lunch time. To reinforce our sense of community, lunch is served family-style at tables where students of all ages are mixed and joined by a teacher or administrator.

Students help to serve, clear and clean during their meal while observing good manners. Our food service offers a variety of nutritious choices prepared to satisfy many tastes and dietary needs.  Daily soup, salad, fruit, yogurt, and vegetarian choices round out the menu. 

Chef Cittadino shows students seated at a dining room table the inside of an avocado to introduce them to new foods.

If you have any questions about our food service, please contact Chef Nick Cittadino, Food Service Director, at