Group of students outside in summerThe Rumson Country Day School is a family - a very large extended family that includes not only students, teachers, and staff, but also parents, grandparents, alumni and their parents, former faculty and staff, and a wide circle of friends. Together, these groups have built a school community that is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

This family relationship is nurtured by our school traditions, programs, and events. Stop by almost any day and you will find groups of parents working on school projects, grandparents applauding at school plays, and young alumni returning to visit with the former teachers. And adding to our "family school" is the fact that 15% of our students are legacies - many being taught by the same teachers their parents enjoyed a generation ago.

RCDS is fortunate to have a very generous community of hardworking volunteers. Our Board of Trustees involves a large group of parents in school leadership and planning; almost 20% of our parent body is involved on at least one committee. Both new and current parents are welcomed, giving many new families opportunities to participate. We keep our younger generation involved as well; if you visit our campus during the summer months, you will see our Horizons program in full swing, with many young alumni working as counselors and aides.