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Truly Great education respects learning differences.

Since 2007, students with language-based differences have grown into confident learners and high achievers through skills and strategies developed at The Carmody School at RCDS.

Parents often reach out to The Carmody School with two urgent goals: to get their child’s special learning needs met and to offer their child a positive school experience. At The Carmody School, we’ve found a way to provide both.

High-Quality, Specialized Education. Designed for students in Grades 2-8, the Carmody School uses an evidence-based curriculum to remediate the areas where students need help as well as foster the skills in which they excel. This, in combination with the experienced and dedicated Carmody School faculty, can completely transform a child’s outlook towards learning and performance in school.  

Our students are members of the RCDS community. They attend classes, dine, and play with other RCDS students and are scheduled for the classes and support they need at our learning center. Furthermore, Carmody is an everyday resource for all RCDS students, whether it’s a specialized service or the Executive Functioning curriculum that is taught schoolwide. This integrated approach means that Carmody students feel welcome and included at RCDS.

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learn for life
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“We strongly believe that all children deserve a superior education and can achieve given the right educational environment..."Natalie Diehl
Head of The Carmody School and Director of Student Services

The Carmody School At-A-Glance


Hours of specialized instruction each year


Carmody School faculty members credentialed with specialized certification


Hours of professional development for Carmody School faculty each year

Who is Jayne Carmody?

Jayne S. Carmody is a learning specialist and beloved RCDS faculty member who served as Head of the Lower School and Director of Testing for more than 30 years before retiring in 2015. Having helped generations of RCDS students achieve academic success, Jayne was instrumental in the establishment and success of an integrated ‘school within a school.’ Given her dedication and lasting contributions to RCDS, the program was named The Jayne S. Carmody School at RCDS or The Carmody School in 2015.

“I have no doubt that, with the thoughtful, well-laid-out plans RCDS has developed, The Carmody School will become a leader for learning disability programs, not just in the immediate area but throughout New Jersey and beyond. I am overjoyed to have been a part of the beginnings of this outstanding program and to be honored in this way."Jayne S. Carmody
Past Head of Lower School and Director of Testing

Jayne Carmody poses with students