Carmody School Student Profile

Carmody School teacher works with four Carmody students in a small circle group.
What is the profile of a Carmody School student?

Student has been diagnosed with one or more of the following learning differences:
• Auditory Processing Disorder
• Dysgraphia
• Dyslexia
• Language Processing Disorder
• Executive Dysfunction

Student has a strong cognitive profile but often has difficulty with the acquisition of reading, writing and math skills. Student has the ability to function successfully at The Rumson Country Day School and engage in the curriculum. Families of potential Carmody School students should submit a full neuropsychological evaluation to the Admission Office after attending an information session or private tour.

Where are our Carmody School graduates now?

"If Elon Musk could invent a time machine I would go back, and tell my 12-year-old self that The Carmody School will save me from a world of trouble in high school with planning and organization."

– Hunter Lord, RCDS Class of 2015

Headshot of Hunter Lord, RCDS class of 2005.

Headshot of Charlotte Eisenstadt, Class of RCDS 2009.

"Thanks to the solid educational base that The Carmody School  provided, I am constantly trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone and learn new things."

– Charlotte Eisenstadt, RCDS Class of 2009

"The extra attention and individualized learning techniques that I was taught in The Carmody School helped to not only improve my grades but also the confidence I had in myself when it came to completing school work."

– Katie Donald, Class of 2011

Headshot of Katie Donald, RCDS Class of 2011.