Carmody School Curriculum

The Carmody School Curriculum is designed for students in 2nd-8th Grade. Teachers in the program have experience using and teaching many different supplemental reading and writing programs, but we have found the following researched-based teaching methods to be effective for our students.

Carmody school teacher works one on one with a student.

“The positive transformation in our child is stunning. He is proud of his work and knows deep down that he is intelligent and a worthwhile student. He now enjoys learning. This change will stay with him for the rest of his life. The Carmody program works! It is deeply transformative on so many levels, not just academically. The teachers in The Carmody School have significantly changed the trajectory of our son’s life. RCDS is a very special place, and we are so very grateful to be a part of it.”

– Erica and Scott Smith, Carmody School Parents

Lower School Carmody Curriculum Overview
Lower School Carmody instructional methods are designed to teach children academic skill so that they "learn how to learn". Skills are directly and systematically taught, reinforced, and retaught throughout the program and at grade level. These children learn best through direct, systematic teaching using a multi-sensory approach. All subjects reflect the importance of the kinesthetic and tactile modalities to reinforce and bond the visual and auditory pathways for learning. Teachers meet regularly between divisions (RCDS and JSCS) to plan, develop, coordinate, and evaluate curriculum.

All JSCS Lower School students have a daily reading class, math, Wilson Reading classes 5x/cycle, and regular written expression classes. In addition to the content built into these courses, they are designed to teach and practice reading, writing, and study skills. Students have an opportunity to apply what they are learning in each of these classes to their science and social studies classes in a general education setting.

Upper School Carmody Curriculum Overview
In Upper School students are faced with an increased amount of work to accomplish and, thus must learn to work more efficiently to be successful. Students in JSCS are explicitly taught executive functioning skills in addition to their academic subjects.

All Upper School JSCS students have one JSCS teacher who is their language arts, literature and study skills teacher and one math teacher. In this way, teachers are able to develop close relationships with students and guide them as needed.

Upper School JSCS students have learned how to read, but often struggle with reading fluency and integrating the study skills necessary to complete multi-step and long term assignments. The goal of our Upper School program is for students to succeed in a challenging independent school curriculum, while simultaneously strengthening their component reading, writing, math, and study skills. Students must understand those areas where they are weaker and advocate for themselves with their teachers.

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