Carmody School Summer Programs

The Jayne S. Carmody School Summer Skills Booster Program


The Carmody School is opening its doors and expertise to families in and outside of the Rumson Country Day School. The program is designed for students with a variety of language-based learning differences to enhance students’ skills during the summer. Special Education Certified instructors teach all classes using differentiation and multisensory instruction to meet the needs of all our unique learners. The program will run Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am-1:30 pm for six weeks beginning June 27-August 5. Parents may choose how many and what weeks they would like their child to attend.

* Age Group I: 5-7 years old * Age Group II: 7-9 years old * Age Group III: 9-13 years old

Week 1: Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Sports

Week 2: Step Right Up! World's Fair

Week 3: To the Moon! Space Exploration

Week 4: And Away We Go! Transportation

Week 5: Pump Up the Volume! Music

Week 6: Enjoy the Show! Movies/theater

*Each week is theme based for integration purposes.

Daily classes include:

  • Reading Skills: decoding and encoding- connecting letters and sounds, decoding the text, recognizing words
  • Reading Comprehension: monitoring comprehension, metacognition, graphic and semantic organizers, answering questions, generating questions, recognizing story structure, summarizing
  • Writing Workshop: introduction and practice through the Writing Process, write for a variety of purposes, utilize graphic organizers and writing frames
  • Executive Functioning/ Study Skills: Organization, Planning, Memory, Self-Monitoring, Task Initiation, Cognitive Flexibility
  • Language Enrichment Through Movement and Sound- Vocabulary Development, Word study, Word Usage
  • Wilson Reading System- for students currently enrolled in the Carmody School or for students who are enrolled for September., 2016
  • Summer Reading Expansion Activities- for students currently enrolled in the Carmody School or for students who are enrolled for September, 2016.

During the day students will also have an opportunity to engage in activities such as sports, art, music, science, drama and much more! Lunch will be provided.

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