Carmody School

The Jayne S. Carmody School at RCDS provides a unique educational program for children with special needs. Serving students of average to above average intelligence who have been professionally diagnosed as having language-based learning differences, this program uses creative and innovative ways of developing each student's potential. These students attend many classes, such as science, math, the visual arts, and physical education, with the other children in their grades, but during their language-based classes, each student has a flexible, individualized program that is taught by experienced professionals.

Started in 2007 as the School Within A School or SWS program, the program was a way to keep whole families together at RCDS by adapting the academic program to provide individualized instruction to students in language-based subjects such as literature and language arts. Math was also specialized to meet each student's needs, along with speech and occupational therapy. Yet, these students were not isolated; they received the full RCDS experience, some transitioning out of the program as their skills and abilities advanced.

The program continued to grow stronger over the next 7 years, and in 2015 was renamed The Jayne S. Carmody School at RCDS or The Carmody School . Please contact our Admissions Office to learn more about the program.

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Natalie Diehl Director of Student Services

Natalie Diehl
Director of Student Services

Born and raised in Summit, New Jersey, Natalie earned her B.A. in Special Education, Elementary Education and Psychology from the College of St. Elizabeth. She has her M.S.Ed. degree from Monmouth University as a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDTC).

Natalie began her teaching career in 2003 at the Winston School in Short Hills, a school for children with learning differences, where she worked for four years. She moved to Monmouth County in 2007 where she was recommended by the Winston School’s head to assist in the creation of the Jayne S. Carmody School. During the past eight years, Mrs. Diehl has seen the Carmody School grow from only seven students to the full-fledged program it is today.

Natalie currently resides in Middletown, New Jersey with her husband, son, and daughter.