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The Four Pillars

Lower school students walk down hall holding hands

School is Better with

The Four Pillars

Kind. Honest. Responsible. Respectful. These are The Four Pillars on which RCDS is built that instill belonging, purpose and accountability among everyone in our community.

When it comes to character, We walk the walk.

The Four Pillars are widely embraced by students, faculty, administration, and families because they are ingrained into all we do. It's one thing to put up signs promoting "integrity" in the hallway. It's another thing altogether to identify a value, break down its meaning so it's clear to everyone, and put it into everyday practice.

The Four Pillars extend far beyond our campus. It’s the reason an RCDS student will take initiative and introduce the new coach of the town soccer league to all the players. It’s the grounding that motivates our graduates to assume leadership roles in high school, and pursue worthy goals in college and beyond.

The Four Pillars in Practice