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Soccer team running


The Three A's

The RCDS no-cut after-school sports program expands on the traditional benefits of athletics with a focus on the Three A’s: ability, attendance and attitude. The overall goal of the program is for student-athletes to develop life skills that help them become more successful in all their endeavors. After-school sports begin in fifth grade, and more than 80% of Upper School students participate. Our no-cut policy creates an inclusive environment where students with varying degrees of athletic talent can all succeed. 

Physical Education Focuses on Fitness and Fun 
Physical education at RCDS encompasses age-appropriate activities led by professionals who teach physical fitness and athletic skills, self-discipline, and teamwork in a well-managed, safe environment. Instruction begins in Pre-K, with two classes each week. Students in Beginners through eighth grade have gym classes four or five days a week.

Field Hockey team puts their sticks together for a cheer in a team huddle

Paul Campanella Headshot

“Preparing responsible student-athletes with a good attitude who are loyal to their teammates and the School is a priority. While we stress the importance of maintaining a competitive edge, the combination of competition, teamwork, and fun motivates our players to do their best.”Paul "Campy" Campanella
RCDS Athletic Director

Paul Campanella: Mentoring Youth to Success

by Joseph Sapia

The Two River Times spotlights RCDS's beloved Athletic Director Paul "Campy" Campanella.

Read the article here.

Athletics at a Glance


Athletic teams and clubs


A policy that creates a sense of belonging and makes each player feel like a valued member of the team.


Percent of Upper School students that participate in after-school athletics
Girls soccer team poses for group photo.
Boys soccer team stretches before practice.
Boys and Girls basketball teams pose with championship trophy.
Girls soccer plays practice head buttingĀ the soccer ball.
Boys baseball team poses for group photo.
Girl field hockey play dribbles down field.
Football player ties his cleats before heading out to the field.
Hockey team poses for group photo.
Girls field hockey team warms up for practice.
Tennis players poseĀ for group photo.
Girl soccer play sets up for a powerful kick.
Boys basketball coach pumps team up during a huddle.

Athletics Events

Team Opponent Date Time Location
Tennis vs.
Lacrosse - Girls Varsity vs.
Rumson-Fair Haven
Lacrosse - Girls Jr. Varsity vs.
Rumson-Fair Haven
Lacrosse - Girls Varsity
Girls Varsity & JV Pizza Party - Bring Your Uniforms
Lacrosse - Boys Varsity
Boys Varsity & JV Pizza Party - Bring your uniforms
Pizza party at Victory Park - Bring your uniforms