Experiential Learning

A group of students on a mountaintop

"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience." ~Paulo Coelho

Our school uses a hands-on approach in many classes, encouraging students to learn by doing and to experiment with different methods of solving problems. Instead of just memorizing facts or reading about others’ experiences, our students learn by doing, making discoveries and experimenting with knowledge firsthand.

In these days when many children’s time is so tightly scheduled, our school actively seeks out ways to engage them on a more personal level. Subjects like hands-on science and the creative arts provide many opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of the material. Through goal setting, experimenting, observing, reviewing, and action planning, they are able to learn new skills, new attitudes, or even entirely new ways of thinking. Games and sports are especially popular techniques because of the “fun factor” – learning through fun helps students to retain the lessons for a longer period of time.

provides four Upper School “wilderness adventures.” All four of these extraordinary, multi-day field trips provide hands-on, age-appropriate activities that encourage students to experiment with different ways of solving problems, stretch themselves in new ways, and improve teamwork. Our school encourages all of our students to take healthy “risks” in a safe and supportive setting and this experiential program provides the perfect opportunity for our older boys and girls.