Experiential Learning

Students in canoes on a large lake.


Trips taken each year

Class Trips Include:
• Ellis Island
• Longstreet Farm
• Metropolitan Museum of Art
• Philadelphia
• Boston
• Adirondacks
• Lake George
• Historic Twin Lights
...and many more!

Upper School students laughing and having fun while crossing a stream on a ropes course.
Our Adventures

RCDS's hands-on experiential learning approach paired with ample field trips engages students on a more personal level and allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the material at hand. RCDS students take over 28 class trips a year including trips to Ellis Island, Philadelphia, Boston, Longstreet Farm, Metropolitan Museum of Art and many more! 

Now a rite of passage, Upper School students embark on four wilderness adventures from 5th-8th grade. These multi-day trips provide hands-on, age-appropriate activities that encourage students to take healthy risks, experiment with different problem-solving methods, stretch themselves in new ways and further bond as a class.

Upper school boys smiling in woodshop class, wear protective goggles while sanding a large piece of wood.
Hands-on Approach
Instead of simply memorizing facts or reading about others’ experiences, our students learn by doing, making discoveries and experimenting with knowledge firsthand. Through goal setting, experimenting, observing, reviewing, and action planning, they are able to learn new skills, new attitudes and view things from different perspectives.