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learn for life
learn for life

Truly Great N-8 Education Sets a Foundation for Life.

What children see, learn, and experience today has a big impact on who they’ll be tomorrow. RCDS is uniquely prepared to support, encourage, and challenge students during the formative Nursery to Grade 8 years.

Choosing an N-8 independent school has distinct advantages. At RCDS, the focus and expertise we bring to these formative years of school instill the intelligence, creativity, and character that students will utilize for a lifetime. Families are drawn to our school because they see and feel an immediate difference, from the personalized attention that comes with smaller classes, to the caliber of work produced by students, and even the genuine enthusiasm Gators demonstrate for learning and school. Here is an overview of RCDS Distinctions that lay the groundwork for a Truly Great educational experience.

"RCDS is a special school. It is the institution most responsible for our children's success as scholars and their growth as responsible citizens through high school and college."

- Jeff Cruz, RCDS Parent