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Tuition & Affordability

Truly Great N-8 education today, is a choice that prepares children for tomorrow. An RCDS education is an investment that sets the stage for children to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

As parents, we want to be proactive about ensuring our children have all the opportunities they need to grow, thrive, and develop into capable, conscientious young people who know how to set goals and achieve them. A formative RCDS education provides those opportunities. We are a school community that pays attention to every aspect of your child’s growth, setting the foundation that RCDS graduates utilize and value in high school, college, and beyond.

The investment in independent education is a significant commitment; the benefits are lifelong. If you value an RCDS education but are concerned about affordability, we want to talk to you. Our team can work with you on Affording RCDS (see FAQs below). Please contact Director of Advancement Tracey Wetmore at with any questions.

Students smile in class

“I fully understood the value of an RCDS education with each step my children took toward high school, college and then adulthood. They embraced each transition with confidence and were more prepared than I could have ever imagined. You cannot put a number on that!"Jeff Cruz
RCDS Parent

Tuition is Inclusive
There are no hidden fees at RCDS; tuition is a comprehensive total. It covers textbooks and most classroom materials, student publications, science lab, art studio supplies, standardized testing, as well as field trips, extracurriculars and athletics. RCDS has a 1:1 Device program in Beginners (Kindergarten) through 8th grade; all devices are issued as part of tuition. Family Style Dining, a balanced hot lunch with additional salad bar options for Beginners (Kindergarten) through 8th grade is also included in tuition.

We Offer Tuition Assistance
RCDS recognizes the value and attendant cost of an independent school education and seeks to attract a diverse and talented student body. To achieve that end, the School strives to make tuition as affordable as possible to a wide range of families and is committed to providing tuition assistance to qualified students. 

All students in grades Beginners (Kindergarten) through 8 may apply for tuition assistance. The School contracts with a third-party processing firm, Clarity, to process the applications for need and to assist in determining a family’s ability to pay. All applicants for tuition assistance must complete the online Clarity application. Visit our FAQ section below for more information regarding our Tuition Assistance Policy.

2024-25 Tuition

Early Childhood Center  
Nursery 1 PM Dismissal $21,800
Nursery Full Day $26,000
Pre-K Full Day $27,850
Lower School  
Beginners (Kindergarten)  
through Fourth Grade
Upper School  
Fifth–Sixth Grade                 $39,000
Seventh Grade $41,000
Eighth Grade $42,100
Jayne S. Carmody School  
Jayne S. Carmody School $18,750

FAQ's: Affording RCDS

By the Numbers


Percent of RCDS students receive some type of tuition assistance


Current range for grants awarded to RCDS families

$1 Million

Tuition assistance awarded to families each year


Current household income range for families receiving tuition assistance