RCDS Virtual Learning

There’s virtual learning and there’s RCDS Virtual Learning. While life as we know it is on pause, the RCDS Virtual Learning Program is designed to engage children in their learning, build critical life skills and foster the growth of our students and individuals and as a community.

First-grade girl student smiles for the camera and holds up her iPad showing her teacher waving. 

"Extraordinary care and expertise has been infused into RCDS's remote learning program. It is clear that both the on-going curriculum, and most importantly the quality of the time and attention that the students are receiving from their teachers, are second to none."

– Laura Twomey, RCDS Parent

A Half-Day Schedule every week day, from 8AM-12:30PM ensures our students maintain consistent routines and engage in all core subjects, specials, and advisory meetings. Dress code guidelines require students to wear their RCDS polo shirt to signal they are ready for positive and productive learning time.

Significantly more Synchronous Learning. With class sizes of 12-15, RCDS is providing robust real-time interactions with teachers and classmates. This includes engaging instruction, lively discussion and small and whole group learning. Asynchronous learning is blended into the program to facilitate independent work.

Social-Emotion Learning is sustained even in a virtual environment. Our youngest students reflect on emotions in virtual circle time, Upper School students meet with advisory groups online and health and wellness resources are available to students and families.

Beloved Traditions like Family-Style Dining and the Buddy Program have been reimagined. Students meet virtually with peers and faculty for lunch while buddies continue to connect and show kindness to one another.

Community Building persists together apart. Hallmarks such as our four pillars – Kind, Honest, Responsible, Respectful – continue to inform all that we do.

Service Initiatives including individual acts of kindness like writing cards, creating artwork and sewing masks for others have grown into community-wide efforts which are not limited to drive-by birthday caravans, meal deliveries and the donation of protective gear from the RCDS woodshop and science labs.

Upper School boy student smiles for the camera while he prepares to start his day in his virtual learning workspace at home.
Kindergarten boy student smiles as he greets his teachers and classmates in virtual learning meeting.
Kindergarten girl student smiles for the camera while she prepares to start her day in her virtual learning workspace at home

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