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Signature Traditions

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learn for life
learn for life

Time-tested traditions set RCDS apart.

We value the daily routines, cherished practices, and rite-of-passage experiences that tie generations together and are instrumental in raising students to become successful, community-oriented individuals who act with integrity.

Ask our graduates: many of the experiences that made a lasting impact on their lives are the Signature Traditions of RCDS. Signature Traditions play a vital role in academics, school life and how we treat one another as a community. RCDS traditions also extend into family life. The traits RCDS students demonstrate and develop — kindness, inner motivation, service to others — all stem from our tried and true traditions that instill purpose, character, and the sense of belonging.

“Class Day is awesome. I remember looking back at the classes behind me as a third grader and relishing the knowledge gained, and looking ahead of me at the eighth graders and thinking about all that was to come."Abby Ryan
RCDS Class of 2017