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Signature Academics

Students gather around a large map with teacher as he explains latitude and longitude


Academics never hit a ceiling at RCDS. Our teachers use a blend of traditional and modern approaches to help students progress intellectually, socially, and emotionally throughout their time at RCDS. Our signature programs don’t just prepare students for success in secondary school and college. We start them on a thoughtful, independent journey that extends beyond their school experience.

Teacher calls on student raising hand in small class
Students work in small group on STEAM challenge
Student smiles while working
Students gather around teacher during engaging hands on lesson
Student works on writing assignment
Students gather around teacher in science class
Student takes notes in class
Student presenting in front of a class
Students gather around a chrome book to work on assignment
Students have a discussion in a reading group
Two students smile while they work on assignment together
Teacher helping students with assignment
Student smiles while working with a robot
Students attentive during class
Teacher helping student with assignment
ECC students work at tables
Students work together during science lab

“Our culture fosters the dignity of every individual and focuses on the inherent worth of each stage in a young person's development. For example, being a sixth-grader is much more than preparation for being a seventh-grader; being a sixth-grader is a rich and valuable experience in its own right."Bill Lamb
Head of Upper School