Lower School Arts

All Nursery and Pre-K students have General Music at least twice a cycle. Activities focus on developing the Students circled around art teacher at a tablechild’s sense of pitch, rhythmic ability through singing and rhymes.

  • Students in the lower school, from grades 1-4 participate in two or three dimensional art twice in the scheduled rotation for fifty-five minutes. Students create artworks that are inspired by nature, observation, children's literature, and famous works of art. Students have the opportunity to work in a variety of both two and three dimensional media, in two beautiful, sunlit art studios, including painting, drawing, collage, and ceramics. All students participate in a school wide art show that occurs every April.
  • All classes, grades Beginners through Fourth have General Music twice a cycle. Each class produces a class play, has a concert performance, learns to read and notate music, has a grade specific instrumental focus, and has several other performance opportunities during the year.
  • All students in grades three and four have the opportunity to learn an instrument and participate in the Concert Band. Students have several performance opportunities including our concerts and other special events. Participation in the Band teaches students to not only play an instrument but also music reading skills, teamwork, and dedication.
  • The Lower School Chorus is open to all students in third and fourth grades. Chorus members learn various pieces of unison and two-part music throughout the school year. The students will be able to use proper breath control throughout their singing ranges, employ expression and technical accuracy, read choral octavos and sight sing a wide variety of music, all while building their self confidence and esteem. The Lower School Chorus will have many opportunities to perform throughout the school year.
  • The Lower School Drama club is open to all students in Second through Fourth Grades. Each year a musical production is staged. Rehearsals are held three days a week after school during the fall semester. As the production date approaches, usually the Friday before Thanksgiving break, additional rehearsal time is added. Students learn the fundamentals of acting and staging, as well as phrasing, enunciation, and singing techniques, while building self-esteem and confidence.