Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education at The Rumson Country Day School

A row of Pre-K students sitting on a curbWelcome to Preschool at Rumson Country Day School! The first steps of an amazing journey begin here in our cozy house on Ridge Road, a warm and friendly environment for young children just setting out on their learning adventure.

At The Rumson Country Day School, we have an eye toward progressive instruction, yet are mindful of traditional values. Specializing in educating children in Nursery (age three) through 8thgrade since 1926, RCDS students receive tremendous support from a family of mentors who recognize strengths, nurture skills and empower children to be confident and curious about the world around them. Honest, Kind, Responsible and Respectful are four qualities of character that are foundational to the RCDS experience and are reflected in our caring environment, rigorous academics and strong bonds between students and teachers.