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Gators Bring the Heat to Winter Sports Season

Gators Bring the Heat to Winter Sports Season

While U.S. athletes competed across the globe for gold this winter, many Gators found inspiration in Olympic role models to strive for goals of their own. With dedication and hard work comes success. This is a lesson that RCDS student-athletes take away from the School Athletics Program and from watching the winter Olympians wave their countries’ flags.

Pre-sunrise practices didn’t deter the RCDS hockey team from putting in the work to defeat their rivals at Princeton Day School for the third time in four years. Because of their hustle and heart, they skated to a 7-4 victory over the Panthers at the much anticipated annual Princeton Cup. 

“We worked hard and wanted it more”, said eighth grader Max Baret. “Seeing what athletes on the Olympic teams can do, especially like the ‘miracle on ice’ team, they make you want to be better. Our players made good lines. We worked like a team, not a one-person show. That’s what wins games – teamwork.”

After a one-year hiatus of winter sports due to the pandemic, the RCDS Gators hockey, basketball, and squash teams appreciated their season more than ever.

“It was good to get back out there,” said Max. “I missed it. I actually like waking up early and being with everyone in the morning. It’s a good environment. It’s fun.”

The hockey players weren’t the only Gators to have a successful season. The boys basketball team scored their way to the Jersey Shore League Championship where they just missed earning the Championship title but enjoyed an impressive 11 victory record along the way. The squash team traveled to Philadelphia to participate in the National Middle School Squash Championships and the girls basketball team continued to build upon a culture of teamwork and sportsmanship that makes being a Gator something to be proud of.

“As an eighth grader, the last year playing sports at RCDS is important,” said Max. “You lead by example. It paves the way for the upcoming players.” Next year, Max hopes his younger teammates experience a similar season to close out their days in Gator green. He would like to continue his hockey career at boarding school and carry on the lessons he’s learned from the RCDS athletic experience.

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