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A Word From Our Experts: 6 Quick Tips to Support Your Child's Reading

A Word From Our Experts: 6 Quick Tips to Support Your Child's Reading

RCDS is thrilled to present "A Word from Our Experts", a monthly blog-like piece authored by our expert team of faculty and staff. See here for a word from Director of Library, Research & Media Learning Lisa Fallon who discusses the benefits of reading and shares a few quick tips for how to support reading with your child.  

Parents, there is a secret ingredient to your child's academic success. And it's easy. READ! Read to them. Read with them. Listen to them read. Research shows that reading at home is an invaluable tool for your child's positive academic development. A child who reads alone is learning but when your child receives a little extra support from you, additional magic can happen!

The following tips can get you on your way to being a supportive reading partner at home: 

1. The Five Finger Rule: Choose books that interest your child following the five finger rule. Pick any page and have them read it. Put up a finger for every word they stumble over. If they have more 4-5 fingers up, it may be that they aren't ready for it "YET".

2. Reading Routine: Set a routine and reading spot- this should be a special place for reading that is distraction free to concentrate on the task at hand.

3. Read Out Loud: When your child reads out loud, it should sound like they are talking with you. Model reading words to your child with expression. Take turns reading longer text and model how the words should sound. Discuss unknown vocabulary explore their meanings. 

4. "Sound it Out": If your child is stuck, it is always ok to say "sound it out." Encourage them to use their Fundations sounds and practices. 

5. Talk About It: Ask your child questions about what they are reading. The questions are not to "check up on them" but to explore their understanding of what they are reading. 

6. Books, Books, Everywhere: Surround your child with books! This week's Scholastic Book Fair is a great way to stock up on the latest releases. Choosing quality books together will allow you to help develop your child's excitement for books and generate a desire to read.

Book Fair kicks off Tuesday, December 4 at 6 PM with Family Reading Night. Visitation will be by homeroom December 5-6. 

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