Employment Opportunities

Male faculty member teaching in front of class.

The Rumson Country Day School was founded in 1926 as a not-for-profit, independent, non-sectarian, coeducational elementary school set on a 13.5-acre campus in Rumson, NJ.  RCDS seeks to fill the following positions.

There are no openings at this time. 

There are no openings at this time.

Substitute Teachers
RCDS is looking for substitute teachers for daily and long-term placements in all grades. A bachelors degree is required, with NJ Teacher Certification preferred. NJ background check is required. Please submit a resume and cover letter to Casey McChesney at cmcchesney@rcds.org

Custodial Staff Member
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assure that the building is clean, safe and ready for the day. (i.e. vacuuming and sweeping hallways and classrooms, cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, washing windows, taking out the trash, etc.).
  • Must be able to preform basic maintenance and repairs (i.e. changing lights, changing filters, fixing door handles, loose railings if needed, painting, etc.).
  • Must be able to work well with co-workers to complete the tasks at hand.
  • During winter months: snow removal from sidewalks and entrances using a shovel or snow blower.
  • Work with faculty and staff for what they might need (i.e. fixing desks giving them supplies, moving tables, etc.).
  • Must be willing to work overtime during school-sanctioned events (i.e. rummage sale, gator bash, book fair, dances, etc.  This would include but not limited to moving tables, running wire, moving and carrying boxes if needed taking out the trash, and setting up each event, etc.). 
  • Assure that the physical property is taken care of (i.e. cutting grass, weeding, trimming hedges, spreading mulch when needed, lining fields for games among other basic landscaping duties).
  • The maintenance staff has two shifts, 7am-4pm, and 1pm-10pm.  You will be asked to rotate between shifts.
  • Other duties as required from the position. 

Please respond to: jobs@rcds.org

Security/Safety Officer

The Rumson Country Day School’s, Department of Safety and Security’s mission is to provide highly efficient and effective emergency and operation plans. While ensuring the well-being of the students, guests, faculty and staff, by if necessary, making split second decisions, concerning every aspect of protecting those at the RCDS.

  Main Building

  • Place Cones, pedestrian crossing sign and no parking signs out on Bellevue Avenue

  • Raise the flag (As needed)

  • Prep the front desk – turn on the computers, place the sign in boards out, have parent/visitor lanyards out and ready

  • Direct and escort, students at the school crossing on Bellevue Avenue in front of the school. Maintain traffic control for arriving students and guests.

  • Manage the main security desk, sign in all visitors to the school and give pass, enter name into the computer. Sign out visitors upon leaving the school

  • Assign and update Access Control system for staff and faculty

  • Monitor movement in/out of building via access control system

  • Maintain visual watch on all cameras around the building via cctv

  • Provide walking patrol inside/outside as needed

  • Maintain list of visitors and account for all during building evacuations (fire drills, security drills, lock downs, etc)

  • Assist and/or supervise evacuations, fire, lock down and reunification drills.

  • Assist and/or supervise evacuation, fire, lock downs and reunification in a real case situation

End of Day

  • Direct and escort, students at the school crossing on Bellevue Avenue in front.  Maintain traffic control for buses.
  • Bring in No Parking signs
  • Lower flag (As needed)
  • Shut down computers and secure all lanyards

101 Ridge Road

  • Cover security desk at Early Childhood Learning Center
  • Monitor all visitors in and out of the building
  • Make decisions in emergency situations, as the only Security/Safety Officer in the building
  • Assist and/or supervise evacuations, fire, lock down and reunification drills.
  • Provide walking patrol around building/parking lot as needed

End of Day:

  • Maintain traffic control during dismissal
  • Ensure that all students have been picked up from the school and the building is secure 

After School Security Officer

  • As the only Security/Safety Officer in the building, make decisions in emergency situations including but not limited to: first aid, fire, lock downs, and evacuations
  • Manage the security desk at the Riker Hall entrance
  • Assist with rolling dismissal if needed
  • Maintain a presence in and around the security lobby and Riker Hall
  • Maintain visual watch on all cameras around the building via cctv
  • Provide access to parents/guardians entering building to pick up students from after care
  • Secure building after all students and teachers have left for the day
  • Secure all exterior door

Please respond to: jobs@rcds.org

An Equal Opportunity Employer
The Rumson Country Day School is a non-profit corporation accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools. RCDS does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation in its admissions or employment, or in the administration of any of its programs. Candidates are encouraged to apply directly by email, according to individual job descriptions.