Board of Trustees

Landscape photo of The Rumson Country Day School's iconic brownstone building.

Ensuring a foundation for the future of The Rumson Country Day School

The Board of Trustees of The Rumson Country Day School assumes the fiduciary responsibility for ensuring that the school's mission is being carried out today; that a roadmap is in place for the future; and that the institution remains financially strong for generations to come.

We, in partnership with the Head of School, provide leadership and a framework within which our superb faculty members bring that mission to life every day as they teach and coach our students in academic disciplines and extracurricular undertakings.

2020-2021 Board Officers

Kristen Masserio, President
Greg Melconian, Vice-President
Terry Stankovits, Vice-President
Nikki Alpert, Secretary
Todd Whitenack, Treasurer
Jesse Spector '95, Assistant Treasurer

2020-2021 Trustees

Jeffrey Cruz
Donna Gibson
Greg Greene
Debra Menkowitz
Greg Mitsch
Jennifer Hurtt Mullins ‘85
Carrie Page
Corey Popham
Adrianne Raphalian
Shawn Reynolds
Shawn Rubin
Siran Sahakian
Michael Walker