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What Makes RCDS

Truly Great

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learn for life
learn for life

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know our students
know our students

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set students up for success
set students up for success

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practice the four pillars
practice the four pillars

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we value tradition
we value tradition



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RCDS Graduates

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Succeed Anywhere

We hear it all the time. Alumni who spend their formative years at The Rumson Country Day School attribute their achievements and success to RCDS. That’s because Gator grads are among the most academically prepared, and leadership-oriented students in their chosen high schools. When they enter college, alums continue to rely on the RCDS foundation that taught them how to think critically and act with integrity. Lessons instilled at RCDS inform alumni careers, relationships, and service to others. Follow our students’ journeys after graduation.


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Choosing a school for your child at any point in their education is a big decision and weighing various options can be overwhelming at times. If you're starting to entertain the private school option, we're here to help! 

Guided by Tracey Wetmore of the RCDS Admissions Office, we’ve compiled tips and information to demystify the application process, provide an overview of what to expect, and help you plan in our Parents' Go To Guide To Private Schools. 

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