Gator Bash Fund a Need

Gator Bash Fund a Need: Support Gators at Play

We invite you to help us ensure that our "Gators at Play" opportunities are rich, creative and active and that RCDS shines in all areas in our community. 

RCDS is committed to providing a balanced and developmentally appropriate program for children of all ages, and research has consistently shown that play and sport are a key part to healthy development of mind and body. From our youngest children who take on new physical challenges to develop gross motor and cooperative learning skills to our oldest who engage in team sports and creative movement; your support will pay dividends in their social, emotional and academic growth across the years.  

For our youngest Gators in Nursery and PreK, we have finalized plans to build a dedicated and developmentally appropriate play space including a jungle gym. It is our goal to expand opportunities for play throughout all grade levels and we need you to help make this possible!

How You Can Help!

For our entire Lower School, we would like to make enhancements to our new and current outdoor play spaces including:

• Interchangeable play equipment that can be built in endless configurations to support gross motor skill development;
• Thematic play materials to support classroom curriculum;
• Rubberized surface over the entire play space making it safer for all.

For the Upper School, we would like to add:

• Flexible recreational space on the blacktop behind the residence at 101 Ridge Road to enhance our physical education and after-school athletic programs;
• Hoops and nets for volleyball, tennis, basketball, pickle ball and four square (also accessible to Lower School students).