Jane TRIGERE '63
Posted 11/10/2014 10:59AM

Jane TRIGERE '63 conceived and curated an exhibit entitled "Chair Dreams...interpreted" that ran during September and October of this year. Thirty artists produced 48 artworks in varied media, all featuring chairs and spanning the gamut from decorative to political "and everything in-between."

The exhibit took place at the Deerfield Arts Bank in Deerfield, MA, owned and operated by Jane and her husband, Ken Schoen.  They purchased the former Bank of America property in the Fall of 2013 and have converted the former "traditional" bank layout into an arts supply store, site of art classes and an art gallery.

New England Public Radio (an NPR affiliate) covered the exhibit in a recent radio broadcast and had this to say about Jane's fascination with chairs:

Artist Jane Trigere is determined to collect as many varieties of chairs as she can.  Her personal collection (actually just a hint of her personal collection) is piled high in an artful way in the ATM Installation Gallery at the Deerfield Arts Bank. 

Up until recently, she wasn’t sure why she collected them. One explanation she’s discovered is that chairs imply human beings. “They’re only built the way they are because we’re built the way we are.” She invited other artists to add to the concept of her Chair Dreams exhibit at the Deerfield Arts Bank.

Beyond exhibits like Chair Dreams and the current exhibit titled Art to Wear "Pop Up", Jane continues to bring art to her community in a unique way. She says "What is important to note is that I am not interested in being the one and only leading force in this adventure. I am intensely interested in building community and reaching out with the arts to that community. Not only to see and experience art but also to make art, to try new things, to stretch beyond oneself. This is a place where if you have an idea and I can help make it happen, then I will. Together, we will make it happen."